The following photos were taken in June and July 2001 near Mansfield, Georgia.  Click on any picture to enlarge it.

The first two pictures show the tree where the nest is located.  The nest is tucked away in the middle of the pine needles on a branch hanging out over the lake.  The third picture shows the female adding a little nesting material to her nest.  The female was first observed on May 27 building the nest.

nestloc-jr.jpg (18158 bytes)   nestloc2-jr.jpg (8104 bytes)   rthunest3-20010614-rdt.jpg (36588 bytes)

Here is the female incubating her eggs in mid June.

   humnest4-jr.jpg (29772 bytes)   rthunest-20010614-rdt.jpg (40004 bytes)   rthunest2-20010614-rdt.jpg (33960 bytes)     

The following pictures are of the female feeding the young and of the young waiting on the female.  These photos were taken the first week of July.   Notice how short the bills are on the young in the last picture.

rthuyoung2-jr.jpg (35211 bytes)   rthuyoung-jr.jpg (36700 bytes)   rthu-young-20010705.jpg (40018 bytes)      

   rthu-young2-20010705.jpg (40985 bytes)      rthu-young3-20010705.jpg (35295 bytes)

These are the last pictures taken of the hummers in Mansfield.  The hummingbirds fledged on 7/9 and 7/10.  The photos below were taken a day or so prior to leaving the nest.  During the last couple days the young birds were active in the nest stretching and flapping their wings. 

rthufledg1a-rdt.jpg (57635 bytes)   rthufledg2a-rdt.jpg (38327 bytes)    rthufledg-jr.jpg (35604 bytes)   rthufledg2-jr.jpg (36941 bytes)