Gainesville 2002


 A Birdseye View of a Hummingbird Nest 

Gene and Gaynell Bottorff of Gainesville, GA had the rare honor of hosting a Ruby-throated Hummingbird nest on the chain of their porch swing.  Gene observed that the first baby hatched on 5/8/2002 and was followed the next day by the second one.  Before the second one hatched, Gene was surprised to notice that the first baby was missing and there was just one egg in the nest.  Luckily, he saw a small dark object on the porch floor.  As he gently picked it up, Gene realized it was the baby hummer and thankfully it was still alive!  He carefully placed it back in the nest and then about three weeks later, both birds successfully fledged.  When the babies were about 12 days old, Gene assisted me in banding both birds.  Below are some photos of the babies in the nest and when we banded them.  *Please note that it is unlawful to disturb or remove protected species from their nest without proper state and federal permits.  Click on any photo to enlarge.  

Below:  The first photo shows the nest location attached to the chain of the porch swing.  In the second photo they are eight days old, in the third photo they are 12 days old just before they were banded.  The last two photos show the babies out of the nest on the 12th day when they were banded.  

Photos 2002 Rusty Trump

nest location.jpg (78410 bytes)  8 days old.jpg (31348 bytes)   12 days old.jpg (26268 bytes)   12 days  banding.jpg (18706 bytes)  12 days banding2.jpg (32325 bytes)

Below:  The first photo in this row shows the female feeding the babies about 20 minutes after they were banded and placed back in the nest.  The second photo shows them at 14 days old, the third photo is when they were 16 days old, the fourth photo is when they were 19 days old, the last photo shows one of them at 21 days old just hours after the older baby had fledged.

Photos 2002 Rusty Trump

12 days post banding.jpg (37722 bytes)   14 days old.jpg (28842 bytes)   16 days old.jpg (34369 bytes)   19 days old.jpg (23969 bytes)   21 days old.jpg (27581 bytes)

Below:  The two photos below are of the younger baby at 21 days old.  In the first photo, the young one is on the edge of the nest exercising its wings.  The last photo is of the female feeding it.  The following day it fledged.

Photos 2002 Rusty Trump

21 days old2.jpg (40151 bytes)   21 days old3.jpg (34769 bytes)


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