White Hummingbirds



Buddy Rowe provided this photo of an albino Ruby-throated Hummingbird.  This photo was taken in early Fall of 1999 by the homeowner in Zebulon, Georgia.


The two photos above are of the same bird photographed on September 23, 2000 in Big Canoe, Georgia.


White Hummingbirds in Georgia Summer of 2002

The summer of 2002 three hummer hosts in Georgia were blessed with rare white hummers.  These unusual birds lack the normal pigment in their feathers and appear in varying shades of white.  The birds were reported from Chatsworth, Summerville, and Douglasville, GA.  Included are pictures of all three birds allowing you to contrast an albino with other variations of white hummer that still has some pigment, but is not the normal Ruby-throated color.  Click on any picture to enlarge it.

160-6020_img.jpg (20865 bytes) 160-6021_img.jpg (24164 bytes) 160-6028_img.jpg (22884 bytes)  Rusty Trump 2002

Above: The Chatsworth bird.  Note the bird's dark eyes, dark bill and that the coloring is not completely white.  This bird is a young male Ruby-throat. 

Below: The Summerville bird.  This bird appears snow white, but has dark eyes, dark bill, and dark feet.  This bird was not captured to document age and whether it is a female/male.

Dennis Purcell 2002

Below: The Douglasville bird.  This truly albino bird is completely white and has pink feet, a pink bill, and red eyes.  This bird is a young female Ruby-throat.

167-6740_img.jpg (21949 bytes) 167-6748_img.jpg (23241 bytes) 167-6723_img.jpg (20480 bytes) 167-6730_img.jpg (20099 bytes) Rusty Trump 2002



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